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Created 06-12-2017
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Title with dimonds bvlgari bracelet b.zero1 fake regular
Description Follow the good guide people tirelessly received jewelry design awards

Wu Yaoxing Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Zhuang Ruiyu text / map

As one of the jewelry designers who came from the early 20th century, Wu Yao-hang, bvlgari b zero ring review replica while devoting himself to the design business, realized that art is the real pursuit. Then he resolutely devoted himself to education, teaching all the ideas and concepts he designed over the years to students, leading students to participate in a number of international cultures, design exchanges and cooperation, and repeatedly won the internationally influential jewelry design competition awards for jewelry in Shenzhen To the world hard work. The theme of the Year of the Horse is Lunar New Year, focusing on the creative works of Chinese and French artists. Wu Yaoxing's jewelry 'Yi Ma Ping Chuan' bracelet won bvlgari b zero1 black ceramic ring copy the design award and participate in the award-winning tour to the Chinese and French people demonstrated the Shenzhen jewelry style. Shenzhen jewelry glory in international awards In the summer of 1999, Wu Yao-hang came to Shenzhen from Beijing after graduating from college, engaged in jewelry design, at that time, he was a jewelry designer from the Coban, hot, has many well-known jewelry company as a design Wu Yaoxing, director, believes that jewelry is not only a cultural product, but also a material product bearing spiritual civilization. It originates from nature and integrates art and is an organic combination of nature and human emotions. In painstaking design at the same time, Wu Yao-line jewelry industry can be regarded as a weirdo. 'I like to study theories and write down my insights and experiences in the design process.' With his pursuit of art, Wu Yaohang wrote some design essays in his spare time and published several collections of jewelery designs and college jewelery Jewelry Design Tutorial in the field of professional books to promote innovation and development in the field of jewelry design with great concentration of education and design flowers

Wu Yao-line is no longer satisfied with the simple design, he wanted to teach him the concept and experience accumulated for many years to train more talents for the industry. In 2011, he resolutely devoted himself to education as a professional teacher in the jewelery design and production department of Shenzhen Technician College. In order to excavate and cultivate the well-designed seedlings, Wu Yaobing and his students were 'mashed up' with a minimum of three days' class time Tutoring students at school. 'At night, I often see Miss Wu in the classroom, discussing creative ideas and design details with us. Sometimes, late at night, he is still working on amending his works.' His students were very grateful to Wu when he invited Wu to boldly innovate their skills Training mode. He introduced the design project of the enterprise into teaching and let the teaching go along with the project, bringing a breakthrough change to the traditional teaching methods. At the same time, he took the students in the actual production positions in enterprises to accept the teacher pass, help, with the practice of teaching, so that graduation and employment convergence. He also used his 'contacts' in the design industry to invite well-known designers in the industry to lecture many times to focus on strengthening and enhancing students' mastery of professional skills and skills, organizing students to participate in international jewelery design competitions many times, National Undergraduate Jewelery Design Competition and other competitions, winning top prizes, first prize and many awards Wu Yaoxing also pay attention to the promotion and transformation of new technologies, new processes and new methods to help the creative work of student-enterprise cooperation projects into jewelry products For example, 'Wedding Set bvlgari b zero1 mens ring copy Series', 'Couple Series', 'Fashion Gold Series' and several other series of jewelry, the students designed fashionable and novel, deeply loved by various consumer groups, total sales of about 1 ton weight gold jewelry products , Worth 300 million yuan, has made significant economic and social benefits Personal honor:

Wu Yaobing has the industry-leading technical skills. bvlgari b zero ring review knock off It won the third prize of the second China Jewelry Design Contest, the second prize of the sixth China Jewelery Design Contest, the first prize of the 12th National Technical Teaching and Research Achievements Award, and the 2015 Shenzhen Golden Jewelery Industry Skills Competition Award. He also won the 2015 Shenzhen May Day Labor Medal, the 2015 Shenzhen Technology Expert and other honorary titles.
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