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Category Cars
Created 06-12-2017
Owner PKKOO5
Title diamonds bvlgari earrings b.zero1 imitation day-to
Description A jewelry control 2016 shopping list in a living hall

This set of 'Forbidden City. Bazaar Red' exquisite Fu Yun necklace set by the Forbidden City cultural jewelry and 'fashion Bazaar' together, contains a 'exquisite Fu Yun' long necklace, a Bazaar red lipstick, and a 'sea water Cliff 'handbag rich Chinese style coupled with eye-catching fashion design, even a star for it with a magic, sold out after wave, and now want to have it, even the pre-sale must rely on rob

Set in the necklace dotted with bats, gourds, coins, auspicious clouds and other designs of the necklace, a symbol of homophonic 'blessing, Paul, Choi, longevity,' the best wishes, the chain slim, concise, elegant and lightweight, Gold material, chain length 83cm10cm extend the chain. Red bats can be disassembled as a separate pendant hanging in different places on the necklace, a necklace 18 different Dai Phallic necklace on the five kinds of gemstones belong to the 'Buddhist Qibao': deep sea natural white Fritillaria (copper), Brazilian natural onyx (bat), onyx (local), Afghanistan natural lapis lazuli (natural circle), natural turquoise (auspicious clouds), as if the essence of the world are placed in their own body, so that you harvest the fortune And the auspicious package in the handbag on the 'sea water cliff pattern' decoration, the use of complex new Reeling weaving method, with a vivid image of the waves, the shape of water, as well as 'wind and water', 'Victory in the world' Implication, common on the ancient emperor robes Double-sided double color knit design, one side is colorful color lines, lively and gorgeous; the other side is the gold lines, simple and stylish set of Bazaar red lipstick, gold tube Black piano mirror shell, bvlgari b zero1 black ceramic ring knock off painted out of the matte texture, very moist, long lasting color, white and temperament, and exquisite Fu Yun necklace have a wonderful chemical reaction fake bvlgari b zero1 black ceramic ring Plus a set of stunning the audience favorite body jewelry mixed race smart brand launched TOTWOO bloom series, within four months swept half European and American fashion circles, the major social networks can see its shadow. Series of necklaces, bracelets, are often sold out, even sold out Evenville supermodel Xi Mengyao in the shooting 'Fashion Cosmo' when it is also wearing its ink blue pendants TOTWOO not only has the appearance of Italian high-level jewelry, but also intimate Smart technology, there is a flash reminder call, APP notification; sedentary reminder and other functions, through an APP, but also real-time test UV index, calculate bvlgari b zero1 mens ring imitation the fortune, step by step, to help you choose the most beloved feature is available on the APP Pre-recorded greeting card surprise, but also tell APP wearing real-time lover love totwoo 'I miss you', is definitely a new generation of confession on bvlgari b zero ring white gold replica the rope Red string tied with a column of real gold transfer beads, transport beads fall below A unitary chicken pendant transports beads, is a very important symbol of traditional Chinese culture, the transports beads to wear on the wrist, neck, meaning auspicious, good luck, people come and go, smoothly Shunyi chicken design inspiration, source In the traditional origami art in China, a strange collision with the modern metal has burst the old zodiac 'chicken' image into something new, more artistic, more interesting and full of life Force transfer Pearl chicken are 18K gold to build, the unitary chicken pendant length and width are 12.3mm red rope total length 220mm, red can bring good luck, a symbol of auspicious, festive, beautiful hope, the end with 3 18K gold round beads, pull the red rope tail, you can adjust the size of the ring around the wrist can be worn in general.
Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None