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Created 29-09-2017
Owner posuiji
Title Causes of vibration of ultrafine mill

Long-term work in noisy environment, not only will affect the mood of people's work will affect people's physical and mental health, so we should try to reduce noise pollution. For ultrafine mill, vibration is the main cause of the noise is too large, but also the major enterprises have been trying to solve the problem. Feeding uneven or too small, resulting in uneven thickness of the material layer, even grinding roller impact damper, resulting in grinding vibration. The solution is to adjust the feed speed or reduce the operating pressure properly, in the premise of guaranteeing the specific surface area of the material, reduce the speed of the separator. The moisture of the ore milling equipment material is too high, the material cake is formed between the grinding rollers and the thickness distribution of the material layer is uneven. The solution is to use hot stoves and other drying equipment. Grinding inside into difficult to grind foreign body, such as iron block. The solution is to check whether the metal detectors are normal, and increase the iron removal device.

The material entering the grinding mill can not disperse evenly to the periphery, resulting in the instantaneous thickness of the grinding material layer of a certain azimuth, the thickness of the material layer, and the pulsating inertia shock and vibration caused by the roller fluctuation. The solution is to strictly control the humidity and particle size of the human mill material and set up the material heap. Internal bearing damage caused by grinding rollers do not turn, a large number of spit slag, rotation direction of the grinding roller burst vibration. The bearings can be protected by improving the lubricating path and the shaft end gas seal structure.

The liner bolts are loose and the material is squeezed under the liner from the gap between the two liner plates. The lining plate of the disc is lifted, and the liner will be interrupted when the disc rotates and the material layer between the mill roller and the grinding disc is changed forcibly, and the vibration of the Superfine mill is formed, and the pressure of the oil cylinder of the mill roller is increased. The solution is to tighten and weld the linings between the lining plates and the steel plates when installing the liner.

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