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Created 12-09-2016
Owner ariltatum
Title Best Skin Care Products and Baju Muslim Couple
Description Best Skin Care products for sensitive, dry, oily and combination and Baju Muslim - Sensitive skin has a rapid reaction to certain products, chemicals, heat, or environmental conditions. Caring for sensitive skin can not be arbitrary, because a lot of skin care products that actually have a negative impact on sensitive skin. Typically, the skin will look red, pimply, even irritated. This condition makes it uncomfortable and ruin the appearance. Here are some ways for sensitive skin care you need to know: • Selection of a cleanser that suits your skin type To avoid skin problems senstitif, which should always be done is to maintain health and skin hygiene. Use soap or cleanser that is appropriate because it would affect the skin condition. Meanwhile, if dirt or bacteria is not lifted up, it can cause problems itchy and red skin which can lead to irritation kulit.Untuk skin care for sensitive skin soap or shower gel selection containing milk and honey is the right choice. Milk and honey will provide moisture to dry and sensitive skin naturally. Besides being able to retain moisture, milk and honey also can make the skin smooth and fresh at the same time. Choose a soap or cleanser or shower gel can cleanse, moisturize, and protect it from bacteria. In addition to making the skin clean, moist and protected from bacteria, are very useful for skin that has itchy and sensitive problem. • Skin care for sensitive skin after shower Skin care for sensitive skin after shower that must be considered for the owners of sensitive skin is to make sure there is no residual soap and water is still hiding under the skin folds such as under the arms, behind the knees, on the sidelines of the toes and fingers , Because if there is still residual soap and water, will cause the skin to become too moist and it will become a den of germs proliferate. • Provide nutrition from the outer skin to retain moisture Dry and sensitive skin will be easier to lose its natural moisture than oily skin, or normal, to help keep moisture in skin care for sensitive skin necessary nutrients to the skin as a lotion or cream moisturizer so dry and sensitive skin are not easily scaled for losing too much moisture. the right time to use a moisturizing cream or lotion is shortly after shower, when the skin is still in a state of clean and fresh so the cream or lotion will be completely absorbed into the skin. If often in the air-conditioned room can use a moisturizing lotion or cream every 2 hours or any time skin feels dry. • Provide nutrition of the skin to maintain skin health Skin care for dry and sensitive skin is not enough just from the outside of the body, but must be balanced with the intake of nutrients that enter through food and drinks in konsumsi.Tubuh including skin requires fluid intake of at least 8 glasses of water per day. In addition to body fluids and skin also needs vitamin A, C, and E to continue to renew cells. Meet the needs of your body and skin vitamins through a highly nutritious food like vegetables and fresh fruits. Baju muslim Beauty tips skin care products
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