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Created 10-12-2014
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Title the FIFA 15 is a fit market positioning of the brand marketing platform
About me According to industry estimates, to become a single FIFA FIFA 15 sponsor, starting at no less than $ 68 million, equivalent to about 420 million yuan, down two-time FIFA 15, Yingli or invested nearly 1 billion yuan. "Yingli China is not known, because we are already in major markets abroad." By the end of 2009, in 2010 there was a FIFA 15 sponsor to quit after that, I want to further expand the global market Yingli, get in touch with FIFA, ready Sponsorship for this qualification. At the time, there are different voices within the company, it is worthwhile is the core of the debate. Finally, company executives believe that football developed country is currently the main battlefield of the solar war, the FIFA 15 is a fit market positioning of the brand marketing platform. After nearly four months of negotiations, Yingli achieved sponsor qualifications. Liu Zhong Yuan told reporters that cheap fifa coins sponsors strict audit to the strength of the company, industry, the social responsibility and make a comprehensive consideration, "China's economic development from the world's fastest growing, but new energy companies, which are for us plus the points. " '
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