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Created 18-11-2014
Owner goblin
Title drinking a few glasses of drink sleep until the end of the final Zhang
Description When asked whether he was for the university staff and whether the bus driver drunk driving when Liu refused to answer inquiries. WCC reporter from the relevant person in charge of Civil Engineering at the university learned that the car is on site test vehicle Academy School teacher concerned is not the driver. We will have a bus key regulators and relevant responsible person seriously dealt with, the next step will be to expand the campus bus inventory. The official said. Around at 0 00 on July 14, drinking a few glasses of drink sleep until the end of the final Zhang, 5 45 with an alcohol from a nearby bar to open the car out of the people caused by road in Jiuyanqiao remediation is based cards assault police stopped for drunk driving. Zhang insisted on not off, when tested repeatedly blowing accidentally break. Eventually, the Fut Coins face value measured out drunk driving 55.7mg 100ml, and he also refused to sign. In accordance with Road Law, he will be fined 1,000 yuan, one time record of 12 points, driver s license suspended for six months. Police briefing. During the FIFA 15, Chengdu police dispatched more than 6500 police officers, 32 days in a total of 728 drivers caught existing wine. Carnival ride last generation of fans who find opportunities around 5 30, with the midfielder whistle sounded, the bar down the street Jiuyanqiao fans boiling. Germany won Yeah Many fans took to the streets to start, while talking about the match left side. WCC reporter observed, many accompanied by alcohol fans, her hand holding car keys. In a letter to China Road junction, a young fan wearing a German flag started the car. I m drunk, but not drive Kazakhstan, is listening to music over the next addiction. See fans come out to take the car keys, driving many generations to quickly around us Brother, to find a substitute for driving Well, we should more stable.
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