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Created 13-11-2014
Owner ginalee0430
Title many foreigners to print Ukraine is a hangout for prostitutes
Description Protest naked body with Feynman founded because the indifference of Ukrainian society for women. Since the legalization of the sex industry in Ukraine, many foreigners to print Ukraine is a hangout for prostitutes. Feynman want to reverse that impression, so he began his protest '. At that time, our organization are some of the young girls dressed in pink dress, holding the dreamy pink banners to express our demands'. Inna said. However, this action could not cause too much influence, and then forcing them out a series of fifa15coinsjoy reforms, Inna, said: 'About two years ago, it was found that those who protest too young before, but the attention and response at the same time it was noted that those men nude for the magazine is very interested in girls, so we thought, why not find a way to bare all care? Why not use this method to people that we face? So he began to paint in the body such as our demands, some protests. I think that our body is our line-up, so that we can focus on our posters. 'The main source of income is accepting contributions' to the action of Feynman, we had a little' of their desired effect. We are not a government, we are not able to change the law, but we can change people's ideas, so that we can really the problem. 'Protest Feynman naked because, in particular, protests against FIFA 15, has slowly become a phenomenon, a lot of people know them, and thus often been arrested, Inna, said:' Every time I would have been arrested by police in sign protest, and sometimes be up to a month in prison. 'Feynman only in the Kiev region currently has more than 300 members, of which only 40 were naked protest, while others, due to family and social issues, and can not participate in such activities,' but still got a lot of support, take a picture, for example, will help your makeup or something. Members of Feynman no male members, but we have argued, for example, is now seen two men in the office, they are free to help us maintain the site. 'Feynman Organizations now have two incomes, one of which is the contribution of the community.
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