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Category Economy cars
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Created 09-04-2016
Owner blade-soul
Title How to get Chinese language/voice overs in the NA BNS client
Description I have a friend living in NA who speaks Chinese better than he does English, he's interested in BnS but would like to have the game's text and voice overs be the Chinese ones. I told him that modifying files could potentially result in a ban, but I think it's a risk that to him is worth it. Would it just be a matter of him downloading the Taiwanese client to get the files and then swapping some things or is there more to it than that? Thanks for any help with this and have fun tomorrow! I've been looking at the mods forums for a CH pack but everyone just seems to like the JP and KR ones better. I'll tell you what, I have the TW client installed. I'll download the KR files, see what they replace and try to make a TW version of Blade-Soul Gold. Give me a moment to do that and download the NA version, see if anything changes in the source folder (I'm EU) and see if I can do a little TW pack for your friend. Edit: Derp no need to instal NA, it's the same thing. Odd during CBT there were seperate updates for NA and EU. I'll start working on the TW files. Update 1: Suddenly there seems to be a lot of files present in the KR one that are not present in the TW one. I'm going to download the JP one as well to compare files from both. Update 2: DERP NVM I was looking in the wrong cooked PC folder. I'm making a copy of the TW files now.
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